Casus belli battle of annihilation

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Casus omissus pronunciation

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Recent tags: Telefondan facebook takip ettiklerimi görme arama sesini kaydetme whatsapp silinen mesajlari getirme. Jakks Pacific 2. Teck Card 1. Xbox 1. But that was only a part of the dollar story. In , following the accession to power of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, oil prices shot through the roof for the second time in six years. Yet, paradoxically, later that year the dollar began a precipitous free-fall, not rise.

Foreign dollar holders began dumping their dollars as a protest to the foreign policies of the Jimmy Carter Administration.

It was to deal with that dollar crisis that Carter was forced to bring in Paul Volcker to head the Federal Reserve in That in turn forced global interest rates through the roof, triggered a global recession, mass unemployment and misery. Since the US power establishment from Wall Street to Washington has maintained the status of the dollar as unchallenged global reserve currency.

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The role, however, is not a purely economic one. Reserve currency status is an adjunct of global power, of the US determination to dominate other nations and the global economic process. They fought wars for it. In a sense, since August the dollar is no longer backed by gold. In order for the Euro to begin to challenge the reserve role of the US dollar a virtual revolution in policy would have to take place in Euroland.

First the European Central Bank, the institutionalized, undemocratic institution created by the Maastricht Treaty in order to maintain the power of creditor banks in collecting their debts, would have to surrender power to elected legislators. It would then have to turn on the Euro printing presses and print Euros like there was no tomorrow. That is because the current size of the publicly-traded Euroland government bond market is still tiny in comparison with the huge US Treasury market.

US policy was one of crisis management coupled with skilful and coordinated projection of US military power. It was a political, not an investment decision. Europe appeared to be emerging as a unified, independent policy voice of what Chirac then called a multi-polar world.

Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon Mission 1 Part 1 HD

Those multi-polar illusions vanished with the unpublicized decision of the ECB and national central banks not to pool their gold reserves as backing for the new Euro. That decision not to use gold as backing came amid a heated controversy over Nazi gold and alleged wartime abuses by Germany, Switzerland, France and other European countries. Since the shocks of September 11, and the ensuing declaration of a US global War on Terror, including a unilateral decision to ignore the United Nations and the community of nations and go to war against a defenceless Iraq, few countries have even dared to challenge the dollar hegemony.

Casus belli battle of annihilation

The combined defense spending of all nations of the EU today pales by comparison to the total of current US budgeted and unbudgeted defense spending. So today, at least for the present, there are no signs of Japanese, EU or other dollar holders engaging in dollar asset liquidation. Even China, unhappy as she is with Washington bully politics, seems reluctant to rouse the American dragon to fury. The idea of creating a new trading platform in Iran to trade oil and to create a new oil benchmark crude apparently originated with the former Director of the London International Petroleum Exchange, Chris Cook.

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  • In a January 21 article in the Asia Times , Cook explained the background.